All About Skout Office Supplies

What is Skout all about?

Skout Office Supplies began in 2004. We have always done things differently. We began as Brisbane's first "Mobile Stationery Warehouse" - a sort of "snap-on-tools" for office products. As we grew, more and more of our clients were using our web-site to pre-order their stationery; and eventually our site was so popular we had to change the way did things.

Nowdays, we send our products all across Australia. For most of our customers, whether they be across the road or across the Nullarbor, we offer real and genuine savings. In fact we have supplied products to over 40,000 unique customers and welcome more new customers each and every day.

Because we operate a low-overhead "pure-play" online retail business model, we can offer consistent low prices. But its not all about the price! For some of our customers it is the convenience of being able to order all their stationery or "back-to-school" list at the one place. For others, it's being able to source that hard-to-find item. Our regular clients enjoy the efficiency of this web-site that is almost "psychic" when it comes to knowing what is about to run out!

Skout is proudly Australian owned and operated. We know that great customer service means getting it right the first time around and answering the question before it is asked. We hope that you are able to find what you are looking for on our site and are pleasantly surprised at the savings.

Here are some FAQs

What does Skout mean?
Good question! It doesn't really mean anything. It is an adaptation of word "scout" which can mean someone who is ahead of the pack, or someone who is resourceful. I guess as you browse through our site you are having a "Skout Around".

How are you able to get your prices so much lower than the big guys?
There are a number of things that we do to keep our prices down. One thing is that we work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have plenty of stock available when we need it, and not before. We are also a member of buying group that is part of the BPGI group. And, unlike many other office suppliers, we don't have the costs associated with operating a retail space.

Do you offer free delivery?
If delivery is to a street address in the greater Brisbane area, we offer free delivery for orders over $50. Unfortunately we are unable to offer free delivery outside of Brisbane. We are always working to reduce the cost of delivery to the rest of Australia. Please contact us if you have a "bulk order" and we will see what we can do.