Post-it Notes - Extreme - 76x76mm - Mixed (Pack of 3)

  • Post-it Notes - Extreme - 76x76mm - Mixed (Pack of 3)

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Post-it Notes - Extreme - 76x76mm - Mixed (Pack of 3)

Post-it® Extreme Notes are created to stick to textures surfaces and stay in tough conditions. Communicating in the toughest conditions just got easier.

When conditions make communication tough, Post-it® Extreme Notes make leaving notes and reminders simple, so you can get the work done. Made with Dura-Hold™ Paper and Adhesive, these notes will hold up in hot, cold and wet conditions. They stick to tough and textured surfaces like concrete, raw and painted wood, and tile. Make sure your message is seen with a note that sticks in tough conditions. This pack includes 2 pads of Post-it® Extreme Notes in Green. Each pad has 45 sheets.

76 x 76mm

3 x Pads, 90 Sheets per Pad

Sticks to textured surfaces and in tough conditions.

Made with ultra-strong Dura-Hold™ Paper and Adhesive.

Water resistant, durable and writable.

Sticks in hot and cold environments.

Use indoor/outdoor.

Removes cleanly.

Removes cleanly.

Not recommended for use on paper.

Apply to dry surface to hold in wet conditions.

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