Label Avery J8163 (Box of 50)

  • Label Avery J8163 (Box of 50)

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Brand: AVERY
Manufacturer Code: 936044
Catalogue Reference: 7020027

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Label Avery J8163 (Box of 50)

Just heard about a last minute marketing opportunity? Need to send a direct mail urgently? No matter how quick you need to send it you’ll want to make sure it looks professional. You need the right labels for DL envelopes to give a great first impression. Try these address labels for an inkjet printer. They dry instantly after printing so you can place them straight on the envelope. As there’s no need to wait for them to dry it means they won’t smudge and it’ll save you getting dirty fingers. This value pack is ideal for when you have a lot of mail to send.

- 99.1 x 38.1 mm 

- Inkjet 

- Use for Mailing 

- 14 labels per page 

- 50 sheets per pack 

- Colour: White 

- Recommended for DL envelopes 

- Permanent 

- Paper 

- Rectangle 

- A4 

- 700 labels per pack

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