Clear Address Labels J8563 14UP 99.1 x 38.1 mm

  • Clear Address Labels J8563 14UP 99.1 x 38.1 mm

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AUDNEW960 Skout Office Supplies
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Clear Address Labels J8563 14UP 99.1 x 38.1 mm

Brown, cream, silver, red - whatever colour the envelope is, you want to make sure your addressing looks neat and professional. You can let your mail show its true colours by using clear labels for an inkjet printer to print the recipients address. It’s a great way to get a professional finish as it looks as if the text has been printed directly onto the envelope. In fact, the transparent labels virtually disappear. You can peel and apply the inkjet labels with ease using the unique Quick Peel™ feature from Avery®.

  • New Quick Peel strip allows for quicker and easier detachment of labels from backing sheet
  • Save up to 25% of time when preparing your mailings
  • Avoids unpleasant fiddling when peeling the labels from the release sheet
  • Coated for colour inkjet printers
  • Supported by free Avery templates available at




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