Label Avery Laser L4778 H/duty 48up 45.7x21.2mm 25's

  • Label Avery Laser L4778 H/duty 48up 45.7x21.2mm 25's

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Brand: AVERY
Manufacturer Code: 959070
Catalogue Reference: 7005097

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Label Avery Laser L4778 H/duty 48up 45.7x21.2mm 25's

Print heavy duty labels in colour for indoor and outdoor use. Splash proof, tear resistant and smear proof. Temperature resistant from -20° to +80°C. These filmic labels are ideal whenever you want more durability than a paper label. For example, use outdoors to mark containers, equipment and more. Use indoors for marking office equipment, tools or furniture and items that are exposed to heavy wear and or extreme conditions. Advice: Best results and durability is achieved when using printers with pigmented (lightproof) inks. Easy design and printing: use Avery templates in Microsoft Word or try Avery software at

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