Reflective Tape - 3M - 50mm x 3m - 7930 - Red/White

  • Reflective Tape - 3M - 50mm x 3m - 7930 - Red/White

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Brand: 3M
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Reflective Tape - 3M - 50mm x 3m - 7930 - Red/White

Highly reflective, micro-prismatic tape with pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application to trucks, trailers, large vehicles etc. to enhance visibility and detection distance

  • 3M Diamond Grade reflective tape is designed primarily for emergency vehicles, this tape significantly reduces the likelihood of vehicles being involved in accidents as visibility is increased
  • Meet requirements set out in Australian Design Rule 13/00, 2005 (Appendix A - UNECE R48/03) - ATA Industry Technical Council Advisory Procedure for Heavy Vehicle Visibility - UNECE R104 Mandatory European regulations
  • Strong and durable for easy application to smooth surfaces| Vivid colours and bright white ensures maximum reflectivity and superior daytime color
  • Durable - resist weather, dirt and aging
  • Non-corroding
  • Added that this tape has pre-sealed edges and resists fuel vapors or occasional spills with up to 8 years exterior durability make this tape one of the best on the market
  • 50mm x 3M
  • Red/White

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