Lateral File - Avery - FC - Heavyweight White 46503 (Box of 100)

  • Lateral File - Avery - FC - Heavyweight White 46503 (Box of 100)

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Brand: AVERY
Manufacturer Code: 46503
Catalogue Reference: 7005839

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AUDNEW930 Skout Office Supplies
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Lateral File - Avery - FC - Heavyweight White 46503 (Box of 100)

Say goodbye to the messy drawers and end all the misfiling! Avery Shelf Lateral Files and the Avery colour coding system can help you find files at your finger tips. Avery Shelf Lateral Files are made out of heavy weight board so are tough enough to store even the heaviest documents! Voila! An organised work station with no more misfiling!

  • Extra heavy weight shelf lateral files are manufactured from strong weight board with a reinforced side tab on which you can label colour code and file title labels
  • Use on an existing shelf unit, cabinet or mobile shelving unit
  • Available in buff and white, legal, foolscap and A4 sizes
  • Use with Avery manual colour coding labels or file title labels
  • Alternatively, customise file label with Avery FilePro software and auto filing label
  • Capacity: 35 mm expansion
  • Colour: White
  • Product Size: Foolscap
  • Total Quantity Labels: 100
  • Weight: 300-325 gsm
  • Dimention: 367(H) x 242(W)mm
  • Printability: No
  • Recommended For: Document storage
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