Shredder - Rexel Mercury RDX2070

  • Shredder - Rexel Mercury RDX2070

Skout Code: 49001639

This product has been discontinued and is no longer avilable for purchase.

Brand: REXEL
Manufacturer Code: 2102437AU
Catalogue Reference: 7002411

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AUDNEW953Skout Office Supplies

Shredder - Rexel Mercury RDX2070
Designed for a shared office of up to 20, this advanced Mercury shredder provides sufficient security to shred confidential documents into little Cross cut pieces. It features Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing, takes up to 20 sheets at a time and fits up to 400 shredded sheets in recyclable bags enclosed in a pull-out frame for easy emptying. Cross Cut P-3 security level.
  • 4 mm x 45 mm cross cut, security level P-3 for medium security
  • Maximum 21 sheets (70 gsm) or 20 sheets (80 gsm)

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