Diary 2021 - 24-Hour Home and Work Day-To-Page

  • Diary 2021 - 24-Hour Home and Work Day-To-Page
  • Diary 2021 - 24-Hour Home and Work Day-To-Page

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Diary 2021 - 24-Hour Home and Work Day-To-Page

The diary can be left open on the kitchen bench, so it can be used by all the family, for 24 hour appointment or events, to alert the need to borrow the car at a time, or appointments that must be kept, or times for study versus recreation. If there is one diary “owner” there are columns for income generation, personal needs and family needs. There is a monthly finance page and and a monthly goals page that all can share. Doctors appointment outcome page and professional development is in the back. Cleaning share page and quick methods to stop panic feelings are in the front. More details at www.the24hourhomeandworkdiary.com.au

This can be a life-changing diary if written in daily and looked at 3 times a day.  The author is now moving to a new publisher so do not look for Milford or Collins in the future; rather check at the authors website www.the24hourhomeandworkdiary.com.au or on this web site because, due to its popularity, Skout will continue to sell this diary. 

Developed by Dr. Dawn Rayner-Brosnan, the layout accommodates 24 hour 7 day appointments and provides separate action lists for personal, family and business activities every day. There are special event count down planners, monthly goal sheets, stress tips. Even a household cleaning and maintenance checklist to help share the load. 

Sturdy and durable, this diary has a tough, versatile wiro binding that lies flat when open.

Size: 215mm x 265mm


Memory Jogger on daily layout

Event planner

Journal area

Shopping list

Monthly and annual goal planners

Stress reduction tips


Memory Loss

Do you lie awake trying to hold all the thoughts about future needs in your head, are you temporarily scatterbrained?

Write it down and tick it off when done either on the day page or the monthly or annual goal page – you cannot lose your ideas in this diary – its all on one page.

Difficulty Making decisions or Planning

Includes action and possibility boxes template to chunk the range of ideas both positive and negative.

Prepare the small chunks and tick off as done

The plastic folder at back holds your current action planning

Retail sales preparation page – know what you want in advance

Set up a countdown to special events or physical fitness or training goals

Reduce Overload and Stress

Workplace duty of care tips

Relaxation exercises

Cleaning list to share with others and at diary user’s request

flexible pages for holiday roster to change to garden planting record

international holidays

cooking measurements

A professional development record page adaptable for use for hobbies and projects.