Labelwriter - Dymo - LW4XL Wide Format Label Printer

  • Labelwriter - Dymo - LW4XL Wide Format Label Printer

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Labelwriter - Dymo - LW4XL Wide Format Label Printer

Trust your label workload to the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL

  • A fast, cost effective label printing solution
  • Print extra-large shipping and warehouse labels, plus label styles for file folders, name badges, mailing, shipping and more
  • This wide-format label printer accommodates the entire line of LW labels for maximum flexibility, and is compatible with a variety of popular online selling platforms and shipping carriers
  • Create your labels directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and CardScan without having to retype your text
  • Print dozens of sizes and styles of additional labels to mark addresses, distinguish folders or create name badges
  • Resolution of 300 dpi for printing text, creating graphics and barcodes of very high quality
  • Share your label printer with colleagues with Windows / Mac
  • Print labels up to 105.6mm wide, including 104.1 x shipping labels, warehouse labels, barcode and identification labels, bulk mailing labels and other large-format labels
  • Create custom labels from 60+ label styles and layouts
  • Print fast - up to 53 standard 4-line address labels or 129 high capacity 4-line address labels per minute
  • Print crystal-clear barcodes, text and graphics with 300 dpi resolution
  • Use thermal printing technology without the need for expensive ink or toner

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