Dymo Tape D1 Durable 12mm X 5.5m - Black On White

  • Dymo Tape D1 Durable 12mm X 5.5m - Black On White

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Brand: DYMO
Manufacturer Code: 1978364
Catalogue Reference: 7053642

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Dymo Tape D1 Durable 12mm X 5.5m - Black On White

Labels That Last, When confronted with challenging surfaces, use a label that's tougher and lasts longer than standard labels

  • DYMO D1 Durable labels feature industrial-strength adhesive and resist fading, peeling and abrasion due to sunlight, heat, moisture and household cleaners
  • DYMO D1 Durable labels are perfect for kitchens, sports equipment, outdoor storage and more
  • Industrial strength adhesive helps ensure labels stay stuck to a variety of surfaces
  • Indoor/outdoor water-resistant design withstands UV light, heat, humidity, household cleaners and freezing conditions
  • Labels are perfect for mugs, water bottles, and food storage containers
  • Scratch and tear resistant material helps ensure text stays legible
  • Ideal for labelling kitchens, pantries, utility cupboards, laundry rooms, workshops or garages
  • Dymo Durable labels are compatible with all LabelManager machines, but are not recommended for these specific machines: LW DUO, PnP Wireless version, LM500TS

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